Grading the Systems

In collaboration with the Fordham Foundation, AW designed and implemented a comprehensive analysis of reading and mathematics standards and assessments in thirty states. Data on state standards and assessments were collected in late 2002. State standards and assessments were analyzed using a common analytic framework. Assessment review included content, alignment with state standards, rigor, and important elements of technical quality. A summary of the results is available for download. (More extensive analyses, on which the summary is based, are available upon request.)

Grading the Systems

Development of Illinois Assessment Frameworks

AW assisted the state of Illinois in creating new assessment frameworks that include grade-by-grade assessment objectives. The frameworks extend and elaborate the broader academic standards that were previously organized at the level of grade clusters. The frameworks added considerable definition and specificity, forming the basis for the design of new state grade-by-grade, standards-based assessments. Frameworks were developed in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

The frameworks are available here.

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