CD3: Data-Based Coaching

Using over 30 years of research from cognitive, behavioral and educational psychology, plus extensive field testing diverse settings (e.g., middle schools in urban districts, rural elementary schools, suburban high schools), The Center for Data Driven Decision Making (CD3) has developed a model that focuses on training coaches to use data to drive conversations and improvement at the school, classroom, teacher and student level. For example, Classroom Coaches are taught to assess curricular and lesson design based on data from: 1) content area specifications, 2) instructional design requirements for reducing errors and increasing mastery, 3) student daily, weekly, and monthly performance measures (i.e., focuses on learning rate and accuracy).  Classroom Coaches are taught how to collect teacher-student interaction data to determine instructional impact on academic and social skills; evaluate the data and determine the best way to communicate the information; create and implement a  data-based conversation with the teacher; work with teacher to create an action plan (with an embedded follow-up and review system); provide continuous feedback to develop teacher responsiveness, professionalism, and independence. Our Coaches do not shy away from tough topics; our teachers demand that they don't.  AW's Data-based Coaching model has received praise from diverse practicioners. Click here for more information on the
AW Eleven Key Quality Indicators©.

Initial Training
Ongoing Training, Monitoring and Supervision
Coaches Support (Online, video chats, individual, subject area, grade level, and school groups)

For information and pricing on district or school-wide customized implementations please contact:

Dr. Kathleen Madigan
Senior Research Scientist
The Air Rights Center, East Tower
7315 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 215E
Bethesda, MD 20814

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