AccountabilityWorks (AW) has performed a number of in-depth cost studies on key initiatives in education reform. For much of the previous decade, discussion focused on the cost of compliance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). More recently, the debate has turned to the cost of implementing the Common Core Standards. In addition, AW has analyzed other cost effective or non-traditional ways to redirect current expenditures.



Common Core Standards Cost Analysis (February, 2012)

Published by Pioneer Institute, The American Principles Project and the Pacific Research Institute, this study by AccountabilityWorks (AW) projects the nationwide cost of aligning state and local educational systems to the Common Core Standards. The Appendices provide many of the detailed figures and assumptions used in the calculations and are only available here.

Common Core Cost Study Paper

Common Core Cost Study Appendices 


Tennessee Cost Study Finds Public Savings From Restructuring the New Teacher Pipeline Through Increased Alternative Certification

Published by the Education Consumers Foundation, this AW cost analysis finds substantial savings can be achieved as a result of reforming the pipeline of new teachers. By redirecting a portion of the state's current subsidy for traditional teacher education programs at public universities toward high quality and efficient alternate routes, restructuring would lower costs in Tennessee by $122 Million over ten years. At the same time, the approach described in this analysis would protecting instructional quality and increase the supply of new teachers.

Projected Budget Savings From Increased Use of Alternative Teacher Certification in Tennessee

Differential Pay for Math and Science Teachers

Published by the Pioneer Institute, with support from the Broad Foundation, this Policy Brief by AW summarizes key research on the reasons for considering differential compensation as well as design options for implementation. This user-friendly analysis by AW senior staff provides a road map for policy makers willing to explore this challenging terrain.

Differential Pay for Math and Science Teachers

NCLB National Cost Study

AW analyzed the costs for states and districts to comply with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The study is available below.

NCLB National Cost Study

New Hampshire Cost Review

AW was asked by a local policy think tank to review the costs for New Hampshire of compliance with NCLB in certain categories covered by a prior local study. In a sense, AW's review was a response to the previous study. AW identified questionable assumptions as well as mathematical errors and offered alternative conclusions.

NH Cost Review

Ohio Cost Review

AW, along with other national experts, was asked by the office of the Ohio state superintendent to critique a state-commissioned study of the cost of compliance with NCLB. The state of Ohio released the state report along with the critiques in a single document. AW's review is contained on pp. 111 - 124 of the full document. It is available below.

Ohio Cost Review

State Finance Lawsuit Consultation

AW was hired to provide consultative assistance to a major state involved in a school finance lawsuit claiming insufficient funding to achieve state academic standards. AW provided independent analysis of the quality and rigor of state standards and assessment as well as local cost data. The state and the analysis remain confidential.

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